Dental Photography Simplified & Advanced Adhesion Dentistry

Recent Past Lectures  (the meeting planner packet will have a complete list of past lectures)


October 30-31, 2015: Photography, USC 8th International Restorative Dental Synmposium, Los Angeles, CA       

November 11, 2015: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry. North Shore Dental Society, Boston, MA.

November 16, 2015: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry. NNOHA Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

February, 19, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry. Florida Academy of General Dentistry, Miami, FL (Rescheduled-date to be arranged)

March 4, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry. William F. Slagle Dental Meeting 2016, Memphis, TN

March 11, 2016: Dental Care Alliance Annual Meeting 2016, Las Vegas, NV

March 17-19, 2016: Dental Photography with Hands-on.  Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA

April 8, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry. Dallas Dental Society

April 27 & June 8, 2016: Dental Photography.  Los Angeles Dental Society

May 5, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry.  Glendale Academy of Dentist, Glendale, CA

May 13, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry.  CDA-Anaheim, CA

May 27, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry.  JDIQ Meeting.  Montréal (Québec)

Sept 8-10, 2016: Dental Photography Hands-on Courses.  CDA-San Francisco, CA

Sept 16, 2016: Society for Color and Appearance, Chicago, IL  

Sept 17-18, 2016: Advanced Adhesion Dentistry.  Bio_Emulation Colloquium, Los Angeles,