Dental Photography Simplified & Advanced Adhesion Dentistry

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Photography has been a part of many dental practices for years.  Today it is even more important that the dentist use visual communications in their day to day practice.  Exciting new technology that is readily available has created a shift in the way we utilize photography.  My courses are designed to teach the dentist and team in a simplified way  how photography is used in a dental practice for the new patient experience, as well as communicating with specialists and lab technicians.  It is an essential tool of esthetic communication.   Lectures will go over camera selection, accessories, computer needs, software, and an introduction to the utilization of communication technologies.   Courses are designed for those who have not yet introduced photography into their practice, and for those needing an update on current trends in digital dental photography.

My goal for anyone attending my lectures, whether they have used photography or not, is that they will leave excited about it as a tool for communication.  They will have a good understanding of where to start in incorporating photography into the day to day flow of the modern dental practice.

Seminars and hands-on courses can be designed and tailored around the needs of the dental meeting, study group, or dental school.  Small group lectures or one on one hands-on coaching can be arranged to fit your personal needs as well.

Richard Young, D.D.S.